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Welcome, this section contains relevant information, guides, and examples of how to integrate 1app APIs. Explore!

Learn how to integrate our APIs to build a web or mobile integration to accept payments, make payments, and use our custom integration for your applications and businesses.

On this page, we'll go over some of the payment services we offer to give you a quick overview of what is obtainable with 1app.

Collect Payment

1app offers quick and reliable methods to receive payments. As a business owner, here are a few ways we make it possible for you to collect payments from customers all over the world:

Payment Links: Using unique payment links, we aggregate all payment gateways in one box. Customers (or users) can make payments to you via any of your preferred payment gateways. On request, we also allow users to make payments in USD.

Direct Payments (Nigeria): Your business (or registered application) get an aggregated NUBAN with 1app. Your customers (or users) can make direct payments to any of your account numbers directly from their bank accounts. Note that, whichever of the account numbers payment is made into, all your funds are in your 1app Wallet - not scattered in different accounts.

Make Payments

Transfers: With 1app, you can make transfers to all registered financial institutions in Nigeria. We are currently working on making fund transfers available in six other countries; this is a growing list that currently includes African and European countries and the US. We offer this feature via the dashboard and also via API for financial service providers, merchants, marketplaces etc.

Bill Payments with 1app: We aggregate services to make it easier for you (and your users) to pay bills. You can use these services such as airtime and data purchases, electricity and Cable TV subscriptions and much more. You get a commission for each sale and you can view your reports on a dashboard.

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