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Learn how to integrate our APIs to build a web or mobile integration to accept payments, make payment of Bills and as well custom integration for your application and businesses.
On this page, we'll go over some of the payment services we offer to give you a quick overview of what is obtainable with 1app.
Payment Collection
If you're a business owner, here are a few ways we make it possible for you to collect payments from customers all over the world:
Direct Bank Account Payments (Nigeria) - Customers can pay you directly from their bank accounts.
Tokenised Payments
This is a feature that allows you to save a customer object on your platform so your users don't have to enter their card information repeatedly.
With 1app, you can make transfers to over 6+ African countries. This is a growing list that currently includes the US and Europe. We offer this feature via the dashboard and also via API for financial service providers, merchants, marketplaces etc.
Bill Payments with 1app: You can aggregate bill services such as airtime and data purchases and DSTV subscriptions. You get a commission for each sale and you can view your reports on a dashboard.
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